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Weddings & Special Occassions
Profound Touch offers you packages to help make your important day even more special while being relaxed, radiant and relieved from stress. You can also offer one of these packages as a gift of appreciation for those that supported you along the way.

Cool Mint Breeze                                       30min.  Neck and Back


  • Pain relief Polar lotion and/or bio freeze

  • Cooling blue gel eye mask

  • Wintergreen   & peppermint aromatherapy  

Bring long-lasting, deep cooling relief to achy, sore muscles while relieving and preventing pain through cold therapy.  This package can help lessen discomfort and restore overall strength.


60min.  Swedish Massage     


  • Bliss aramatherapy massage lotion

  • 10min. cold stone facial massage or lavender scalp massage.

  • Sweet orange aromatherapy.

Get a clear mind and cool head, helping to increase mental alertness. This package is a great pick me up that reduces anxiety.  While uplifting the spirit and promoting the feeling of joy.

Champagne & Rose                                 90min. Swedish Massage


  • Champagne & rose fragrant massage oil

  • Table of rose Petals

  • Rosemary aromatherapy  


Restore suppleness for a glowing complexion by detoxifying, calming and tightening pores. This package is especially beneficial for the sensitive skin.  The sugars in the petals create a soothing feeling.

Lavender Deluxe                                   

2 Hour Hot Stone Treatment


  • Lavender Massage oil

  • 20min. lavender salt foot scrub

  • Lavender aromatherapy & eye pillow

Reduce emotional stress and eliminate nervous tension.  This package inspires a sense of deep relaxation and quits the mind and emotions.


Serene Journey for Two                      

60-90min. Customized Couples Massage

$255 - $305

  • Sandalwood massage oil

  • Hot aroma infused towel compress

  • Sandalwood rose aromatherapy          


Enjoy a memorable massage experience together with someone special.  Perfect for pairs of all kinds, this package promotes a euphoric feeling of serenity. A great way for you both to relax while you each receive unique customized treatments.

The Pamper Party        

20min. Chair Massage

$35 per attendant 

  • No oils or lotions used

  • Aroma infused face cradle

  • Grapefruit aromatherapy


Help your attendants feel their best and say thank you for being part of your special day. A fifteen to twenty minute massage relieves tension in the neck, back and shoulder muscles, reducing irritability.

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